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+ Why You Need To Schedule A Teeth Whitening Checkup Today

The affordability and popularity of teeth whitening in this day and age, can make it a common form of cosmetic treatment. Using over the counter products might not be as safe or effective as getting professional treatment. They may help examine your teeth and supervise your journey to fix your teeth. Bear in mind the strategies below before making an appointment with a tooth whitening dentist.

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Visiting a professional dentist can help you learn what’s causing the stains on your teeth and develop a specialized plan to treat them. Your cosmetic dentist might also offer you an after-care kit to help you touch up and maintain your bright new smile. Call your dentist today for a consultation for tooth whitening.

A teeth whitening dentist can whiten your teeth in a day if you are not patient enough to wait for weeks. A professional whitening procedure takes only one or two hours at your dentist’s office. The minute you leave the dentist’s office, you’ll have a bright, white smile that beams with confidence and beauty. The professional whitening process is not only safe and effective; it also eliminates the anxiety that goes along with whitening your teeth at home with an over-the-counter product.

Before the whitening solution is applied, your dentist must decide what bleaching compound is certainly the best for your particular teeth. Once he or she has determined how the whitening process will proceed, the dentist will apply the chemical to each of your teeth individually. A curing lamp is used to activate the chemical. Many times clients using over-the-counter teeth brightening items will complain of sensitivity and pain with usage of these products. The most common reason for this is that the whitening kit needs to be correctly sized for everyone individually, and if it really doesn’t fit, it can spill the chemicals onto your lips and gums.

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During the teeth whitening process, the dentist ensures that your gums and lips are covered with a protective sheet so as to prevent the whitening chemical coming into contact with other parts of the mouth other than the actual teeth. After the tooth-whitening procedure, you might have a fluoride treatment to keep tooth sensitivity at bay. Tooth whitening may not yield side effects at all, but in case you have the procedure done by a dentist, you can make sure that nothing will go wrong. And when a dentist is whitening your teeth, you know that any problems will be dealt with immediately.

Professionally applied whitening treatments last far longer than their over-the-counter competitors. After the whitening treatment is finalized, they’re going to often provide you with an aftercare kit that you can take home. Such kits typically contain high-quality whitening gel and a tray that has been custom-fitted to your mouth. These items will enable you to increase your teeth’s brightness somewhat more if you so wish.

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