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The Best Dental Care in Middlesex County, NJ

If you want the top dental service in Middlesex County NJ, then you need to schedule an appointment at Fiorentini Family Dentistry. Your oral health is extremely important for your overall health. With the number of bacteria that exist in your mouth, it’s vital to have your teeth cleaned regularly by a professional. Our dentists can provide you with a deep-clean that will keep your mouth fresh and looking great. Here are some of the services and features that you can expect from us in Middlesex County, NJ.

Emergency Dental Care in Middlesex County, NJ

We have an emergency dentist standing by to help you with any emergency that may emerge. While you typically only need to receive teeth cleaning services every six months, there may arise a situation in which you need to see an emergency dentist immediately. Perhaps an accident or injury occurred, and you suddenly lost your tooth or chipped it.


In the case of a chipped tooth, it may be possible for our emergency dentist in Edison, NJ to fix it. You’ll need to keep the tooth chilled and arrive at our dentist office as quickly as possible.


However, there may be instances where it is more appropriate to visit the ER rather than our emergency dentist. If you accidentally swallow your dental equipment or instruments, you must go to the ER. Afterward, we can help install new equipment. You should also go to the ER if you suffer a mouth injury that causes bleeding. If the bleeding does not stop after a short period, you should go to the ER.

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If you want the best dentists tending to your teeth, then give our office a call. With so many services to offer, we have something for everyone. Our team is ready and eager to help you preserve your oral health and give you a smile that you’ll love.

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Veneers in Middlesex County, NJ

Our dentist office in Monroe Township also provides veneers for those who want to have a brilliant white smile. When you want the best smile possible, veneers are a good option to consider. They rest comfortably over your teeth and act sort of like a sticker. They make your teeth appear whiter and brighter.


Celebrities use this device when doing interviews or going to movie premieres. It ensures that they always have a brilliant smile to show off. You can steal their secrets and also enjoy an incredible smile.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Middlesex County, NJ

Along with other cosmetic dentistry services, you can also have other dental care services performed like teeth whitening or having a chipped tooth repaired. Anything that has to do with the appearance of your teeth, our cosmetic dentistry can help. Aside from offering one of the best and affordable dentistry in Highland Park, NJ, our dentist office can keep your teeth looking incredible.


Tired of smiling and revealing a gap in your teeth? Perhaps you’re anxious over a stain that doesn’t seem to disappear on one of your teeth. We can help solve both problems. You shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed by your smile. Our dentists can help you feel proud again.

Dental Implants

Aside from cosmetic treatments, our dentists can also provide the top dental implants in the area. Dental implants play an important role in providing long-life to your teeth. When you have missing teeth, it can disrupt the careful network of pressure that incorporates your jawbone and teeth.


To restore that balance of pressure, implants should be used. These implants are strong enough to use like normal teeth and can fit seamlessly inside of your mouth. They will also help to prevent the loss of more teeth.