Drive as Mario on Google Maps for Mar10 Day!

MAR10 Day Google Maps Mario KartNow this post has nothing to do with dentistry, but as a proud Mario I would like to share a special day for our family and a pretty cool thing that Google has put out to celebrate as well.


What is MAR10 Day?

National MAR10 Day is observed each year on March 10th. While its recent popularity comes from honoring the Nintendo icon Mario, it is a holiday that our family and many other Marios have been celebrating for some time. This celebration is due to the abbreviation of the month of March (MAR) and a combination of the date (10) to form MAR10! How many other people have a date that spells out their name?!


MAR10 Day Trick With Google Maps

Today Google has done something pretty cool to get in on the celebration as well. This trick only works when using the app Google Maps, so you are out of luck if you are trying to do this on your computer or with Waze or Apple Maps.


1. Open Google Maps app
2. Type in your destination
3. Don’t click GO! Instead click directions
4. On the bottom right should be a box with a “?” icon, click here
5. Mario will then appear on your phone and your icon will change to Mario Kart.


Even though you are now driving around in the iconic Mario Kart, please avoid throwing any bananas or red shells at other drivers! I hear this trick will last for a week so have fun!

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