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+ The Importance Of Going For A Teeth Whitening Checkup

Teeth whitening is certainly an affordable way to improve the appearance of your smile. It’s always preferable to have your teeth whitened by a dentist, rather than to try and do the procedure yourself at home, even though there are products available in the shops which have tooth whitening promises. Professional examination and expert supervision are also added advantages of having a session with a dentist. You should take time to think about these strategies before you contact your dentist.

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If you need your teeth whitened right away, your best bet is to go to your dentist. A hour or two in the dental chair will produce results you’ll be proud to showcase. A brighter, whiter, winning smile can boost your confidence and make you not only look but also feel beautiful. By having a dentist whiten your teeth, you can place your teeth in safe hands and not only make your teeth more beautiful but also make sure that they’re healthy and strong.

Consulting a professional dentist will minimize the risk of using the wrong whitening solution for your teeth. If you see your dentist for a whitening treatment, you could also be certain that your stains are due to foods and beverages and not a more serious health issue. While you should not visit your dentist too often for whitening treatments, you could save time and money by avoiding over-the-counter products that might not work for you.

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Over-the-counter treatments do not last longer as treatment you get from a dentist. Once your dentist has completed your tooth-whitening treatment, he or she’ll provide you with an aftercare kit to take home. The aftercare kit contains a tray that’s custom fitted for your use and some whitening gel. And so, with this aftercare kit, you will probably be ready to touch up on the brightness of your smile, if you wish to.

The products you purchase in drug stores only carry a small fraction of the chemicals actually necessary to successfully whiten your teeth. When you have dark discoloration, these products might be ineffectual, as they often only help light or mild cases of staining. If you like the outcome of your first treatment, you could invest in a whitening pen to perform touch-ups later. The dentist may also provide you with lots of information and techniques on how to prevent more discoloration in the future.

Your dentist can tell you what type of treatment is best for your particular stains. The whitening product is evenly applied to each tooth and afterwards activated with a curing lamp giving your smile a better look. Patients who buy and use over-the-counter products, almost all of the time report to experience sensations and pain during and after using the merchandise. It happens when the solution comes into contact with their lips or gums due to the incorrectly sized strips or trays.

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