If you are missing a majority of teeth in your mouth or are looking for a way to stabilize your denture and forget about worrying if it may fall out, Fiorentini Family Dentistry has the solution for you. We offer the innovation All-on-Four treatment which can restore a full arch of teeth with a hybrid denture in a relatively short period of time!


What is All-on-Four?

All-on-Four is a advanced dental procedure that can restore a patient’s entire smile in as short as a day! ┬áThis system uses four implants that are strategically placed to support a full-arch denture. ┬áThis minimally invasive procedure is faster, and more affordable than a full arch of traditional dental implants and crowns.

Benefits of All-on-Four

  • Get fully-functioning, new arch of teeth in as little as a day
  • Improve your appearance
  • Gain confidence to eat the food that you want
  • Obtain a long lasting smile
  • Eliminate health issues associated with periodontal disease