Composite Restorations

Cavities are one of the most common problems in dentistry and therefore, fillings are one of the most common restorative needs of our patients.  It is our goal to restore these cavities with minimal preparation and with maximum aesthetics.  Composite restorations can give you the confidence to smile without worrying about dark areas showing!


What are composite restorations?tooth colored fillings

Composite restorations are a white, tooth color filling material utilized to match the natural aesthetics of your adjacent teeth.  These high quality, durable restorations have taken the place of older style amalgam (silver) fillings.  Unlike the silver fillings, composite restorations can restore teeth to their original look and function while maintaining superior strength.  Dr. Fiorentini will shade match all composites so that the restoration looks just like a natural part of the tooth.


Advantages of Composite vs. Amalgam

  • Aesthetic: We can match the shade of your natural tooth
  • Less Drilling: Bonds to the tooth so less natural tooth structure needs to be removed to restore
  • Can be repaired if damaged
  • Bonds to the tooth to give it additional strength
  • Hardens in seconds instead of days


How Composites are Used?

Composites are not only used to restore decayed teeth, but they can also be used to repair chipped teeth, restore brighter color to stained teeth, and restore the biting surfaces of teeth that have been worn down.  Unlike with amalgam, composite restorations bond directly to your tooth to provide strength to the restoration while minimizing the amount of tooth structure that needs to be prepared for the restoration.


How is a composite placed?

There’s no need to keep using silver fillings when there is a better option.  Composite restorations are very common and can be done in a single visit to the dentist.  After Dr. Fiorentini has removed the decay from the tooth, the preparation is refined.  There is then a few step process of etching the tooth to provide a surface on which to bond, applying a bonding agent, and then placing the composite.  Dr. Fiorentini will then shape the composite to provide ideal anatomy and ensure proper chewing ability.  The restoration is finally polished until it is indistinguishable from your natural tooth structure.

In some instances, no anesthesia is needed as composite bonding requires minimal preparation of the tooth!


Composite Restorations are perfect for:

  • Chipped front teeth
  • Exposed root surfaces
  • Cavities in the aesthetic zone
  • Replacing silver fillings


Do I need a composite?

Everybody has naturally occurring bacteria in their mouth.  This bacteria, when combined with saliva and food remnants, create a substance called plaque.  This plaque sticks to the tooth surfaces, getting wedged between the teeth and up against the gum line.  When the mouth has an acidic pH, the plaque begins to weaken the outer enamel of the tooth.

Once the outer enamel layer is broken through, the bacteria begins to attack the inner dentin layer.  At this point, the tooth has a cavity.  The cavity can spread quickly once into the dentin and therefore must be addressed in a timely manner before the nerve becomes affected.

If you begin to feel extra sensitivity to sweets or cold, you may have a cavity and you may require a composite restoration to remove the decay and restore the tooth to health and function.


Post-operative sensitivity

After receiving a filling patients may experience temporary hypersensitivity in the area, especially to extreme temperatures.  Depending on how close the cavity was to the nerve of the tooth, the tooth may become irritated.  This is only a temporary sensation and will subside with time.  Chewing on the opposite side, proper oral hygiene, and over the counter pain management is recommended if you experience these symptoms.


Mercury free and minimally invasive

Composite restorations match the shade of your natural tooth and are mercury free.  If cared for properly, they can last ten years or even longer!  Composite bonds directly to your tooth, giving additional strength while decreasing the amount of tooth structure needed to be prepared.

Dr. Fiorentini is able to maximize the amount of healthy tooth structure and maximize aesthetics with composite restorations.  His skilled techniques allow him to restore your smile for a look that will turn heads!


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