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Get your new smile in one day with Dental Implants and Teeth In a Day

Fiorentini Family Dentistry is dedicated to helping every patient achieve the smile that they deserve. Our office will work with you from start to finish during the implant process. Dr. Fiorentini has extensive training in both surgical and restorative dentistry, allowing him to not only restore implants, but to also place them as well and any other regenerative treatment necessary. No longer do you need to go to multiple offices for each phase of treatment, everything is done in our office utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure unmatched predictability and precision with every case. 

Full Arch Implants

What Is Teeth In A Day?

Teeth in a day is a specialized process where you walk out of our office with the ability to smile and function with a full arch dental implant supported restoration on the same day that you are having your teeth extracted and implants placed.  Instead of multiple procedures, in multiple offices, with different doctors, over a period of many months, with teeth in a day the process is streamlined.   This has multiple benefits: shortening treatment time, preventing bone loss around the extraction sockets, and eliminating time spent without teeth.  You may have heard another term for this type of procedure: All on Four, Implant Supported Dentures, or Fixed Hybrid, but they are all talking about the same thing.  Get back to living the way you want – eat your favorite foods, smile, laugh, talk, and enjoy all of your everyday activities with teeth in a day at Fiorentini Family Dentistry.

Benefits of Teeth in A Day

When it comes to replacing teeth that are missing or broken down, there are several options.  However, only one option can replicate the stability, support, and aesthetics of your natural teeth on the same day that you have your dental implants placed, teeth in a day.  Teeth in a day offers benefits that other tooth replacement options, like bridges or dentures, just can’t.

A dental implant imitates the structure of a natural tooth root and provides unmatched support once integrated into your bone.  Because of their strength, you should feel confident to once again eat your favorite foods without worrying if your teeth are going to break, or your denture is going to come out. Besides the ultimate stability achieved using dental implants, restoring your mouth using the teeth in a day concept allows you to:

Get Immediate results

  • Experience a dramatic improvement in chewing ability, teeth stability, and overall comfort right away.

Eliminate time without teeth

  • Walk out with a functional set of teeth the same day as implant placement

Minimize treatment time

  • Implants are placed immediately at time of extraction. No need for second surgery, no prolonged healing phase.

No uncomfortable removable dentures

  • Stability from day one! The temporary full arch restoration is fixed to your implants.

Eat your favorite foods again

  • Eat what you want, when you want without any worries.

Prevent bone loss

  • Dental implants act as bone stabilizers. They not only provide stability for your teeth, but they also help maintain your bone and facial structure.

Eliminate health issues associated with missing/decayed teeth

  • Reduce your risk of periodontal disease which has been linked to heart attack, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and more.

Improve your appearance

  • Your new teeth will feel, look, and function just like real teeth. Enjoy greater comfort and confidence when smiling, speaking, and eating. Overall, you’ll look better, feel better, and have a renewed outlook on life.
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“My family has been using Fiorentini Family Dentistry for over 30 years. They have helped us through routine, restorative and emergency dental needs. We cannot recommend them high enough.”

Susan Wilcox

Process of Getting Teeth In A Day

Attend A Free Consultation

Because your mouth and treatment goals are unique, your dental implant procedure must begin with a complimentary consultation in order to provide you with the high quality treatment that our patients have come to expect.  At this consultation, Dr. Fiorentini will create a virtual model of your mouth utilizing the latest 3D conebeam and intraoral scanning technology as well as review your treatment goals.  We will review all pertinent medical and dental information, discuss your various options, and design a customized treatment plan just for you including providing an exact, all-inclusive cost.  At Fiorentini Family Dentistry, there are no hidden costs in your Teeth in a Day procedure, and there are no separate bills nor driving to separate doctors offices for the different stages of your treatment.


Pre-Procedure Exam

Once you have decided that you are ready to move forward with dental implants, you may need to return to finalize your treatment plan.  Dr. Fiorentini will take any photos, digital impressions, and scans that are needed and prepare you for your procedure.  Once this exam is complete, you are ready to schedule your procedure.


Dental Implant Procedure

Today is your big day! Your customized surgical guide and temporary restoration will be waiting for you. You will walk out of your procedure with your dental implants in place and go home with a temporary set of teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.


Post Procedure Check Ups

It is important to keep in mind that although you will be walking about with a new set of teeth on the same day, there still is a very important healing and recovery phase following your implant procedure.  In the weeks following your teeth-in-a-day dental implant procedure, you can expect to return to our office for several check-ups to make sure that you are healing properly.  All of your post op check-ups are included in your all-inclusive cost.


Recovery Phase: Proper Home Care is a Must!

We must stress that you remain on a soft diet for the first 6-8 weeks following this procedure as well in order to maintain the stability of your implants as they begin to integrate into the bone.  A good gauge for this diet is anything that cannot be cut with a fork alone is too tough and should be avoided during this period.

Proper hygiene is also of the utmost importance as your implants heal.  Here are some tips to keep your new implant supported restoration clean:

  1. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean the biting surface as well as the transition from restoration to your gum tissue.  Brush at a 45 degree angle with the bristles angled towards your gums for ideal plaque and food removal.
  2. Use a water pick at least twice a day to clean under the restoration, but make sure that it is on the low or medium setting.  The high setting may irritate and even damage your gum tissue if the pressure is too high for too long.  Use a mixture of ¼ non-alcohol mouthwash to ¾ water for a fresh feeling.  Clean from both the front (towards your lips/cheek) and back (towards your tongue/palate) for complete cleaning.
  3. Floss under the bridge at least once daily using Super Floss or a floss threader.  There are some products that are thicker and firmer, but make sure to never force anything between your restoration and gums or you may create injury.
  4. After using the toothbrush and water pick or floss, rinse with Peroxyl to remove smaller particles from under your restoration.
  5. If you notice any swelling or irritation of your gums, please rinse with Peroxyl and warm salt water for two to three days. If swelling persists or gets worse, call our office for Dr. Fiorentini to evaluate.
  6. Do not use a water pick until given the go-ahead by Dr. Fiorentini.  Doing so before the surgical site has healed can cause delay in healing or even implant failure.

Receive Your New Teeth

Finally, the part that we have all been waiting for!  After the implants have integrated and your mouth has completed healing, it is time to get your final set of teeth.  Your new teeth will be custom-made to the exact contours of your mouth to provide you with the most lifelike and comfortable restoration possible.  You deserve this!  Go ahead and enjoy your favorite foods and smile confidently!

Am I A Candidate for Teeth In A Day?

Most people are good candidates for dental implants, but certain factors can help make sure that your implants and restoration have the greatest chance for long term success. A good candidate for dental implants should have the following:

Healthy gums

  • Your gums and teeth should be in good health as periodontal disease can lower the success rate of implants.

Good overall health

  • Medical conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, certain autoimmune disease, and radiation therapy can all interfere with your ability to heal following the teeth in a day procedure. Certain medications also can affect integration of the implants as well.

Good bone density for support

  • Implants require adequate bone support in order to be properly stabilized.  If you have been missing teeth for a prolonged period of time, or have limited bone, don’t worry!  Restoring your mouth with the teeth in a day concept allows you to get the smile you deserve even with limited remaining bone.

Proper oral hygiene

  • You must be committed to maintaining good oral health to prevent future bone loss and breakdown.  Maintain recare appointments in our office and establish proper oral hygiene practices at home for long term success.
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What is the Cost of Teeth In A Day?

At Fiorentini Family Dentistry, we take care to utilize the latest technology along with the highest quality materials to provide you with a personalized smile that you should be proud to show off.  Because of the customized and precise nature of this procedure, the cost of dental implants can vary on your specific situation.

Highly Customized Treatment

We believe that there is no one treatment option that works best for every patient.  At Fiorentini Family Dentistry, we will work with you to design the ideal treatment for you.  There are many factors that can influence the final cost of your treatment, such as:

  • Your treatment goals
  • The number of missing or damaged teeth that need to be replaced
  • Anatomical limitations
  • Smile design options
  • The materials used for your final restoration
  • The customized stages of your treatment

The best way to determine the cost for your personalized treatment is to come to one of our convenient locations near you for a complimentary, no obligation consultation. It is impossible for our doctor, and also a disservice to you, to provide a cost over the phone without an in-person evaluation to review all of the factors that makes your case unique.

One Cost, No Surprise Fees

During your complimentary consult we will utilize our 3D Conebeam and review your treatment goals and options.  Dr. Fiorentini will then develop a preliminary treatment plan for your specific needs and give you an exact, all-inclusive cost.  At Fiorentini Family Dentistry, there are no hidden costs in your dental implant supported teeth in a day procedure, and there are no separate bills nor driving to separate doctors offices for the different stages of your treatment.  Our cost includes everything from start to finish to transform your smile, including:

  • Comprehensive exam and necessary x-rays
  • Customized treatment plan
  • All extractions
  • Bone grafting
  • As many implants as we can place
  • Temporary set of teeth
  • Final custom restoration
  • Post-procedure check-ups

Third-Party Financing and Payment Plans

We understand how important it is to be able to restore confidence in your smile and your dental health with a long-term, custom implant restoration. That’s why we offer multiple options to help fit your budget.  At your free consultation, we will review all of the options available to you including third-party financing and in-office payment plans.

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Are Dental Implants And Teeth In A Day Right For Me?

If you are in need of full upper and/or lower tooth replacements, want a more stable and reliable alternative to dentures, or just want to eat, speak, and smile with confidence, a full arch restoration with teeth in a day may be for you.  The best way to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for Teeth in a Day is to set up a consultation with Dr. Fiorentini.

The Fiorentini Family Dentistry Difference for Your Teeth In A Day Treatment

Fiorentini Family Dentistry was founded on the principal that family is the most important thing.  Our father and son team of doctors understand the importance of ?? and we carry these ideas with us while treating every patient.  We take pride in offering you the highest quality dental care and personalized dental service.  At Fiorentini Family Dentistry, you are more than just a patient, you are a part of our family.  We will always take the time to personalize your individual treatment plan and will always discuss all of your options so that you know you are making the best decision for you.


Why do we have such great results with our full arch cases at Fiorentini Family Dentistry?  The difference is our combination of experience and utilization of the latest dental technology to provide you with unmatched precision and success.


With our technology, we create a virtual model of your entire mouth which allows us to carefully plan your surgery.  We make sure that each implant will be placed in its ideal position for long-term stability and also for ideal aesthetics.  Our protocol for full arch cases promotes immediate implant stability which means your new set of teeth will be fixed in place and will function and look just like your natural teeth.


One of the other major benefits of having your full arch implant case completed in our office is that you will have the same doctor for every step of the procedure.  All the way from your initial consultation and surgery to the delivery of your final smile, Dr. Mario will be with you.  Dr. Mario will know everything about your case and will be in full control over all aspects of your procedure to ensure you achieve the best possible results. 


Instead of multiple procedures, in multiple different offices, with different doctors, over a period of many months, with teeth in a day at Fiorentini Family Dentistry, the process is streamlined.  No running back and forth between different offices and different doctors for each part of the procedure.  This can be a time consuming process and can be frustrating figuring out the full price of your implant procedure due to the different fees and plans coming from each office.  At Fiorentini Family Dentistry, you will know exactly who is treating you and you will have someone who knows everything about you and your treatment.  You will have a personalized treatment plan so that you can have peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect from start to finish.


It may sound cliché, but we really do treat all of our patients as if you are part of our family.  We understand that the idea of implant surgery may be overwhelming and we want you to know that we are here for you throughout your entire journey.  We have designed our practice around personalized service and excellent care, which is why almost 40 years later we still have generations of families coming to us, some even traveling from out of state.  You can do this, and we will be right here for you the entire time.

Meet Our Doctors

Fiorentini Family Dentistry, is an award winning father and son dental team that consists of two dental practices with convenient locations in Central New Jersey. Dr. Mario S. Fiorentini, D.M.D. has been practicing dentistry since 1982 and passed his love of dentistry on to his son Dr. Mario C. Fiorentini, D.M.D. Together they run the Fiorentini Family Dentistry practices. 

What We Offer

Fiorentini Family Dentistry is a family practice located in Highland Park and Monroe Twp., NJ with two generations of dentists and the experience to handle your every dental need. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing each of our patients with the compassionate and individualized care they deserve. We recognize that every patient has different needs, and we pride ourselves in the courteous service we deliver to each person who walks through our doors. Fiorentini Family Dentistry serves the surrounding towns of Edison, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Jamesburg, Cranbury and many others in Middlesex County. Whatever treatment you may need, we are here to ensure that with our precise mix of cutting-edge technology and time-proven methods, we will work to give you a smile you can be proud of! 

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If you’re in NJ and need dental implants, then there’s only one place you should go. Fiorentini Family Dentistry has been helping to place and restore dental implants for years. We have the experience and affordable prices you need to be satisfied with your implants. Here’s what you need to know about our services in Highland Park, NJ, Hamilton, NJ, Woodbridge, Voorhees, NJ and the extended area.

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Implants can improve your life. Our dentists are skilled and experienced in placing and restoring implants. We’ve helped tons of patients over the years improve their life with implants.


Besides experience, you’ll also find that we have some of the most affordable prices in NJ. Having your implants placed or restored by our dentists won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


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