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+ Regular Teeth Whitening Care Is Always A Good Thing

Teeth whitening treatment is a process that uses bleaching solution on the outer part of the teeth. While similar in chemical composition, these solutions are not one-size-fits-all, with many different concentrations and strengths intended for particular circumstances. A single, simple error in the chemical used, its application, or post-treatment care can leave teeth just as stained as ever and can even lead to corrosion. This is why it is good to go to a trained dental professional who can give you an effective, safe whitening treatment that’s suited to you.

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Over-the-counter teeth whitening products do not last nearly as long as a professionally applied product. When you’re done with your whitening treatment you will be given an at-home care kit. Your kit will likely contain a custom tray for your mouth along with whitening gel. If you want to increase your brightness a little more, the aftercare kit helps with that.

Over-the-counter products for whitening teeth are intended to be for use by all. Since everyone’s mouth is different, these might not work well for you. Mass-produced whitening strips or trays may work wonderfully for one person while poorly for another.

An experienced tooth whitening dentist has knowledge concerning dental health, including on the subject of staining. The more experienced a dentist is, the better your treatment will be. The dentist needs to first examine your teeth thoroughly and then attempt to identify what’s causing your teeth to become stained. The conditions on the surface of your teeth will help the dentist identify if they are associated with consumption, habitat or lifestyle decisions.

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Only a dentist can evaluate exactly why your teeth are stained and can design a customized treatment to treat them. You will also get a take-home kit to assist you maintain your new, brighter smile and help it last longer. Now is probably the very best time to book an appointment with your dentist for a tooth whitening treatment, or rather just add it to your next scheduled checkup.

When you set a dental consultation they’ll initially complete an evaluation of your teeth, determining the level of staining in order to choose the whitening treatment that can provide the best results. A whitening agent will then be applied evenly to each tooth and a curing lamp used to brighten your teeth. Store-bought products are for general use and can cause major sensitivity issues. Some people experience pain and sensitivity when poor-fitting strips or trays get the whitening solution on lips or gums.

Usually, tooth whitening procedures involve placing a bleaching solution on the external surface of each tooth. Almost all of the teeth whitening solutions contains similar chemicals that have different strengths and concentrations that can be used in different situations. Moreover, one mistake in the chemical choice, application or after-care, can cause the corrosion or staining of your teeth.

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