Five Tricks for Invisalign Success

You’ve made the incredible decision to start treatment with Invisalign.  Dr. Fiorentini has inserted the first aligners and given specific instructions on how to wear and take care of your trays.  Hopefully you remember all of his tips, but here are five additional tricks to help you get the most out of your treatment.


Keep a toothbrush handy  

No matter if you are at school, work, or running errands during the day, you should keep a toothbrush nearby at all times. It is very important to brush both your teeth and your aligners after each meal or snack.  You will find out quickly that food particles can get stuck between your teeth after eating and if you put your aligners back in right away, these particle can get stuck all over.  Brushing, or at the very least rinsing, after eating helps to keep the food particles from being trapped on your teeth.  If these particles are trapped on your teeth over a prolonged period of time, you can get cavities or discoloration of your teeth.  As a bonus, when you brush your aligner it helps to stay clear and invisible!

Practice talking! 

When you put in your initial Invisalign aligners, you might notice that your speech feels a little slurred. This is because certain sounds are caused by your tongue touching the back of your teeth.  Now that you have the aligners in place, your tongue cannot travel to the same spot that it is used to during speech.  Do not make this a reason to avoid speaking!  Instead do the exact opposite and talk as much as possible.  Practice talking at home with your family, read the newspaper or a book out loud, or sing your favorite song. The more that you talk, the quicker your tongue will adjust to the new distance of the Invisalign aligner, and the slur will go away!


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Keep your aligners safe  

The most predictable and fastest results with Invisalign occur with the best compliance with Dr. Fiorentini’s instructions. You should ideally be wearing your aligners for 22-24 hours every single day.  The more you wear your aligners, the more your teeth are under active pressure resulting in active movement.  When your aligners are not in, your teeth are not being moved in their planned direction, and they may even be relapsing.  Keeping you aligners safe is key as losing one can set you back.  During the times you take your aligners out, please make a habit of ALWAYS putting them in their case.  Do NOT wrap them in a napkin, put them on your lunch tray, leave them on the bathroom counter, or stuff them in your purse or pocket.   Our days are so hectic that these habits are all great ways to forget where you put them and potentially lose them permanently.

Save your last aligner

It is very important that you always keep your most recent tray in addition to the one you are currently wearing.  As stated above, if you are not wearing your tray, your teeth are not moving into the correct position and may even be relapsing.  If you do happen to lose or break your current aligner, your last aligner will be used to maintain your progress until a replacement can be made.  Which brings us to our most important trick…

Always communicate with your Dentist!

Proper communication between you and Dr. Fiorentini is a key to achieving the most ideal results with Invisalign.  You need to be wearing your aligners as much as possible to have your teeth move to their proper position before starting your next tray.  If you have a problem with your aligners at any point during treatment, schedule a quick appointment to have Dr. Fiorentini check it out.  You must contact our office immediately as soon as you realize that you have broken or misplaced your aligner to keep on track with treatment.  We are a team in this process and cannot wait to see your perfect smile!



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