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Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services Are Affordable & High Quality

It’s not uncommon to be unhappy with the way that your smile looks. Years of neglect, stains and discoloration can truly take a toll on your confidence. We offer an array of cosmetic options that enhance and correct your existing smile. We can create a treatment plan specific to your needs so that you can finally feel good about the way that your smile looks.

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental work that improves the appearance of a person’s tissue and teeth especially the position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance. Modern cosmetic dentistry has developed numerous quick, painless, and affordable ways to address the variety of problems that can arise in the appearance and dental structure of teeth. These treatments help to build and protect bright and healthy smiles that can enhance appearance and improve self-confidence. 

Why is Cosmetic Dentistry needed?

One of the most common reasons for needing or wanting cosmetic dentistry is because you’re looking to improve your smile. You might have stained or discolored teeth, or you might be planning a wedding in the near future. No matter why you may want cosmetic dentistry, we are here to provide it to you in a way that is both effective and affordable. Cosmetic dentistry is ideal for adults of all ages.

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“My family has been using Fiorentini Family Dentistry for over 30 years. They have helped us through routine, restorative and emergency dental needs. We cannot recommend them high enough.”

Susan Wilcox

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What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do For You

  • Change the size, shape, and alignment of individual teeth 
  • Lighten or brighten tooth color 
  • Fill in unattractive spaces between teeth 
  • Improve or correct bite positions 
  • Repair decayed, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth 
  • Replace missing teeth 
  • Replace old, unattractive dental restorations 

What can you expect with Cosmetic Dentistry?

We like to get to know each of our patients with a consultation. This gives us the chance to examine your teeth and create a treatment plan that is right for you. We will ask about your desires and what you’d like to achieve from your dental care. We can then offer cosmetic options that are specifically customized for you. We work diligently to provide modern and state-of-the-art technology when doing any and all cosmetic procedures. This ensures that you will have a full and healthy-looking smile that is truly different from anything you might have had in the past. You can finally have the smile you’ve always wanted for yourself.

If you’re ready to transform your smile with our cosmetic options, call us today and we will be happy to further assist you.

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Cosmetic Services

If you’re not happy with the way your teeth look, then you can always choose to have their appearance improved through cosmetic dentistry. At Fiorentini Family Dentistry we have a long track record of providing great results that our patients love. We strongly believe that we are the best cosmetic dentist in NJ. 

Why Our Cosmetic Dentists are the Best in NJ

Our cosmetic dentists have years of experience performing cosmetic dentistry. Our team is trained to use the latest technology and practices. We will take the time to meet with you, discuss different options, and then formulate an action plan. We want to make this process as easy and as stress-free as possible. Our goal is to provide you with a smile that you will be proud of.

Expect Affordable Prices at Our Office in NJ

Here at Fiorentini Family Dentistry, we believe in price transparency. No hidden fees, no fine print that you can’t read.  We will provide you with comprehensive treatment options explaining the full breakdown of treatment and cost. If you want top affordable care, then you need to visit us.

Give Our Team a Call Today

Get ready to smile with confidence! Our office is ready and eager to help you transform your smile into something you can be proud of. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.